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Window of you - The gift of being seen

In a world of selfies and obsession about what we have on the outside, we want to help you connect on what matters, on the inside.

Connecting on what matters is the core reason behind the feature, The Window Of You. The Window Of you represents who you are and what you care about in 4 images vs what you look like. This keeps with the anonymous nature of the app and provides an engaging and simple way for others to get to know you.

There are many parts of us not seen on other social/professional platforms. What is shown depends on the context and intent of the platform and how you choose to present yourself. LinkedIn provides great opportunities to showcase your skills and experience. It is a place to find professional connections and keep in touch with people you have worked with in the past. Although today there are more people presenting themselves more personally it typically showcases the professional side of us. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have enabled people to market their business, passions and document their life.

With Peerzee we want to help you showcase more of who you are as a person, to make it easy for others to get to know you and connect at a level that is more meaningful.

The Window Of You is the main part of your profile that others get to see when they are discovering new connections. Images have less of a cognitive load than reading text for a lot of people and this is why we wanted this to be the summary and opening of the profile. In 4 images you can get an idea of whether that person may be someone you want to connect with. It is the front door for discovering more that you may have in common.

The images can also reflect who we are at different stages of our lives as what's important changes. In this way it showcases the evolving nature of who we are and provides a level of depth for others to connect with. The Window Of You allows you to be more seen and it is when we experience the gift of being seen that we are recognised for who we truly are. This is where real connections begin.

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