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Dear Friend

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Dear friend

If you are here to help others with what you have been through, we thank you so much for your kindness and your time.  It takes courage to share your story and by doing so you will help many and hopefully yourself too. 


If you are here to chat or be supported by someone who "gets you" we hope you get the relief, encouragement and help you need.  Life throws at us many challenges and during difficult times having a peer walk beside you can be a great source of comfort and strength.  They can be there to just listen, understand you, and share some learnings that may help you find an easier way through.  

You could be experiencing on going loneliness from social isolation or the financial stress of losing your job.  A sudden difficult life event like loss or separation.  You could be finding yourself in a challenging role or life stage and dealing with the everyday stresses of being a parent....whatever you are experiencing we can help you find someone like you.


Whether you want to chat, support or be supported we can help you find the connections you need.

This is not a professional support service and if you need to speak to someone qualified for your particular situation please find alternate services here:

If you have more questions on what this is all about, please read on for our FAQ's or let us know here


Starter FAQ's


What is a peer?


In the context of Peerzee a peer is someone who has a similar experience, interest or role to you.  They can be your friends, associates or complete strangers. They are your equal in life and as such do not form an advisor/mentor role.  

Friends can be your peers if they share a particular experience with you for example the shared experience of divorce/separation or parenthood.  Someone in the same role as you can be a peer, like an Entrepreneur or Business Owner who share experiences on the challenges of starting a business.  They can also be someone you don't know that may share a particular life event or health issue with you.


What about safety?


Your safety is our highest priority.  Whilst we can't always prevent "bad" players from entering into our app, we make it easy for them to be reported and removed.  Once removed they will not be able to log in again under the same login details.


What about privacy?


There are a few features and practices we have put in place to keep things private.  Firstly you are anonymous in that your identity does not have to be known.  The profile images are images not of you but things you care about and you can share as little or as much as you feel comfortable.  Conversations between you and your peers are all encrypted.  We also do not share any of your information with 3rd parties.  


How do I find someone like me?


You create a simple anonymous profile that gives others information on your experiences and what matters to you. You can share as little or as much as you like.  We have included optional extras like sharing your story, interests, favourite quote, values and more.  The extra information will help you find more things in common making it easier to relate.  You swipe through different profiles until you find a peer like you.  When you get a mutual connection you can start chatting.


Find your Peerz

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Thanks for joining, we will be in touch!

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