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Peerzee vision

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Rising together as a community that supports, encourages and values each individual.
Peerzee Vision
Our Mission

Our mission

A safe and supportive peer community where comfort, inspiration, guidance and support is available every day.
"To help people feel
less alone and supported in life”
Why Peerzee?

Why Peerzee?

is a place that
everyone can travel to and discover they are never alone... "
From real life experiences, we find wisdom, strength and empathy. 

We grow willing to be there for others, to support them to thrive on their life journey.

Peerzee is founded on the power of human connection.

We connect and bond with others by sharing what we have learned from our most difficult experiences. We have a natural urge to lift each other up and encourage one another, to withstand life’s challenges.


My story

Shelley Beeston

Founder, CEO

My Story

The idea of Peerzee came about during a very difficult time in my life. After 17 years, my relationship had ended and I was struggling to be on my own. I sought professional help and even though that provided me with useful tools, I didn’t feel completely understood or supported.


I opened up to a friend of mine who was also going through a difficult time. Through our shared struggle, we both felt comfortable to speak openly about what was really going on beneath the surface. Sharing my true feelings to a peer who understood what I was going through, brought a very real sense of comfort and relief. I began to feel empowered about my life again.


I travelled overseas to take a break. I met new people and heard their stories of hardship and transformation. I learned how to heal the suffering within my own story and how to feel happy and secure on my own. For the first time in my entire life, I knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I had forged a path that was of my own, and this felt incredible.

I believe in the power of real human connection, where we feel safe to open up, to speak our truth and help each other through life"

I was ready to start my own business and thought: How can I use my digital and design background to help others? Receiving the peer support from my friend was such a turning point and I wanted to find a way to give others what I had received. I researched what was available and how I could use technology to benefit people’s lives in this way.


I discovered a lot of mental health and wellbeing services but nothing in the realm of 1 to 1 peer support. Where could one go for that heart-to-heart, meaningful, non-judgemental conversation? Where could one go without the influence of social media and clinical frameworks to explore their personal challenges and find encouragement, inspiration and guidance along the way?


I thought Peerzee could be that place.


Peerzee is like a landmark on the path of life we are all walking together, where trials and tribulations are par for the course. We should be able to seek support every day in genuine, constructive ways and draw from the immense well of empathy and strength of the human spirit, to lift ourselves and each other up, no matter what life throws at us.


A peer can be a great support during times of difficulty and help to guide you on a path of transformation and empowerment rather than suffering and staying stuck in a cycle of pain. There is always someone out there who has tread where you are walking and it is my joy in life these days to see people connecting with the mutual intent of weathering the storms together and emerging on the other side triumphant - more whole, more themselves and more at ease with the journey of life.

Peerzee offers a community of like-minded people who are willing to share the lessons and learnings of their life experiences, with the intention of helping you navigate your own life journey and emerge triumphant.

Shelley Beeston.

Our Values
Our Values
We are equally valuable and have the right to be heard and supported in life.
We treat each other with compassion and kindness always.
We help each other without needing something in return.
We are open to our experiences and new ways to see the world.​
We help each other become all that we are capable of being.
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