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Perspective Taking

Here is a way you can interrupt ruminating on negative thoughts and take small actions to change how you feel.

Effort: 10 Mins


Being the observer of your feelings can help provide some distance and objectivity to how you are feeling. When we see our situation more objectively as a friend would see it we can start to find ways to help ourselves.


Step 1: Bring to mind a difficult or challenging experience you are dealing with. It could be about the past or a worry about the future.

Step 2: Write down what you feel about this as though you are an observer of yourself. A way to do this is by asking "What does <your name> feel about this?", "What are the reasons for <pronoun> feelings? write as many as you can.

Step 3: Identify the way's in which they want to feel

Step 4: For 1 minute think of all the ways that the more helpful feelings could be achieved and choose 1 to try.

Step 5: Try it and see how you feel, has it helped you feel better? if there isn't much improvement try something else. The key is to try small changes until you start to feel better. Then you have a useful personal strategy for your well being you can use whenever you are faced with a similar difficulty or challenge.

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