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We are all equal in hearts.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

A lot of how we measure success today is based on what exists on the outside. The big house, successful career, the amount of money we have, the fit looking body. We compare ourselves to what others seem to have and it is easy for us to feel inferior or superior to another. You see what exists on the outside doesn't mean someone is happy in their hearts. Measuring ourselves on what others have can never make us feel equal.

This lack of inequality distances us from truly understanding another. Beyond these things, behind these layers is a person that feels, that struggles, that lacks love, that may feel unworthy and disconnected with life. On the flip side believing that these outer things make you superior is a misunderstood power that some can thrive off, however this is shallow and short lived. When these things go away then what?

Outward success keeps us stuck in the cycle of needing validation from everything but ourselves. This outer reliance is leaving the control of your worth to things and other people. Relying on this for validation means a life of constant suffering. People are unpredictable, things can easily go and then what, what do we have to keep us strong?

Inward success is what keeps us strong, it is our true power. Inward success is about accepting and loving ourselves, supporting, validating, believing and caring for ourselves. It is knowing we have our back, that we can work through life's challenges with courage and an open heart knowing that we will come through the other side feeling much stronger. Being in our power means we don't need the love and validation from another we may want it but we are not reliant on it for our self worth.

Living within your power means you live a life with courage to be yourself no matter what, to live your truth and walk your path. This takes knowing yourselves implicitly, your values, beliefs and what you stand for. It is understanding all parts of you, your insecurities, past hurts and the things that bring you joy. This is the stuff that makes you, you, the unique and beautiful you. It is not easy to open up and expose how you truly feel. Many of us our taught to put up a front, to show that you have your stuff together. This facade is what keeps us suffering, the constant need to pretend that we are ok. The more we accept ourselves and be with how we feel, the more freedom we will experience. This loving acceptance and kindness to ourselves will extend to others, it will allow us to hold space for another, to understand and truly hear another. This is where real connection begins, we meet each other where we truly are and from this place we can become who we are meant to be. It is a place of true equality, because we are all the same within our hearts.

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