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Connect to someone who understands

Making it easy to get the support and connections you really need

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Real connections with people like you

Today there are many ways to connect but we are feeling more disconnected than ever.

We want to help you find real and meaningful connections that make a difference in your life.  The type of connections that get you, support you and want the best for you. 

Together We Rise
Many of us Feel Alone

We connect you with others based on what matters:

What you're interested in
Shared interests open us

What you care about
Shared values align us

What you're going through
Shared experiences deepen us

What you can help with
Shared support humbles us

Connecting on what matters
A community built for YOU
Peerzee is a 1 to 1 digital support platform, that helps you build your own personal support community across all your connection needs.  Whether for work or for life we all need support sometimes and we don't have to do it alone.
Be anonymous
Find people like you
You don’t have to be known for what you are going through. Your profile will be anonymous.
Connect on experiences, interests and values you share.
Chat privately
Have 1 to 1 supportive conversations with people you relate to.
Connect on your needs
Connect to others based on your need to support and be supported.
Here to Help
How it works
Window of you

Create a profile that reflects who you are on the inside and what matters to you and not what you look like.


Discover your people

Request to connect with others who share your interests, experiences and values.


Build your support network

A mutual request will get you connected to start building your community of support.

Change your mode

We all need help sometimes so change your mode whenever your mood changes.

Community without comparisons

Share what works in our community without the worry of others opinions or ratings.

How it Works
Our difference
From therapy
We want you to find your equal, a peer you can relate to on the experiences you share in life.  A therapist/mentor typically plays an advisory role and may not have gone through what you are experiencing.

From paid platforms


We are starting off free and what you get initially will not suddenly go under some paid subscription later on. However eventually we need to get paid to continue building out the app.  We will do this by adding premium features that will make it easier for you to connect, get support and support yourself.

From social platforms

We want you to more easily find your people. This is difficult in large social platforms where a lot of the connections can be fleeting. You can find others 1 by 1 based on the experiences, interests and values you share.

From text platforms


Peerzee is the place to exclusively have supportive conversations that you may not always feel you can have on your regular text channels. You can add your existing support network in and let your friends know when you can support or need support.

Our Difference

Find your Peerz

Get in early on our production release and find your peerz!

Thanks for joining, we will be in touch!

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