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Life's easier with your Peerz

What is Peerzee? Peerzee is a 1 to 1 peer support platform, that helps you find others who share your experiences; to chat, support or be supported on what you are going through or have been through. It is not always easy to find your peers in life. Your friends and family may not have gone through what you are experiencing and don't always have the time and energy to help. A therapist can provide you with great tools and give you professional advice but aren't always at the same level as you and can be expensive. Online support groups can help but not everyone wants to share in a public forum and it's hard to always feel heard. Peerzee can help you find others at your level who share your experiences and values in life. It is 1 to 1 so you can always feel heard and you're anonymous. Wherever you are at there has been someone who has been where you are or is experiencing what you are. Finding that person to help you along your journey can make life a lot easier. Peerzee supports you whatever mode you are in, whether you want to chat, support or be supported. We move through many modes in our day depending on what we are experiencing. Sometimes just having a chat with someone who can really listen and understand us is just the relief we need. Other times we need support as we may be struggling with our pain and not clear on how to get through. When we do get through we can be that support for others too. Peerzee is leveraging the best in digital to help you find your people and connections you need when you need them. It works on a mutual request approach through swiping each others profile. When you both swipe right you have a new connection and potentially a new supportive friend. This helps you to build your own support community so that you can get the help you need whenever you need it. As we want to help you find and connect on what really matters no pictures of what you look like are allowed. Instead, you create a window of your world, to showcase what you care about.

"In a world of selfies and obsession about what we have on the outside, we want to flip it around and connect on what is on the inside." We have a few stages to achieve our mission of "building a safe and supportive peer community where comfort, inspiration, guidance and support is available every day." Our first stage is about connecting on what matters and sharing what works to help each other at a peer level. Later on, we will be building out the different types of support you can get. For now, let's build on our real connections and have the conversations we really need.

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