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Getting better day by day

It has been just over 2 months since we released Peerzee into Beta testing with a small group of family and friends. It was such an exciting and nerve-wracking milestone to hit and we didn't really know what the response would be. Our main aim with the initial release was to get feedback on how easy it was to use and what the group liked and more importantly didn't like. We are very grateful for the feedback so far and have learnt a lot.

So what's next?

Before we can extend and invite more people to join our beta group we have a few changes we need to make: Data privacy: We take data privacy seriously and do not share any data with 3rd parties and have an end to end encryption in place. This was not very clear, so we are being more explicit about this. We are also adding a Peerzee login for those that don't want to use their Facebook or Gmail account. Although we don't share personal information with Facebook and Google some people were wanting a Peerzee only login. In-app safety/guidance: Safety is very important and we want to make sure everyone is clear on the support you can get. As Peerzee is for friendly advice/support we want to make clear the professional support that you can get from other services outside of Peerzee. Profile flow: We have shortened the flow and made a clearer distinction between core profile and optional extras. This will make it clearer and fast track you to meet new connections. If you haven't signed up yet to go on the list for the next wave of Beta testing, you can sign up o our home page We look forward to you being part of the community and will be very keen to hear what you think. For everyone that has signed up so far, we look forward to welcoming you to the next phase. We are so grateful for the opportunity to build Peerzee and get it out into the world. It is our growing community that really helps us learn and make Peerzee an even better place to be, so thank you! Shelley and Team If you want to understand a bit more about Peerzee check out this post; Life's easier with your Peerz

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